Mang is the brainchild of Anh Nguyen, a designer who lives in Oak Park, Illinois. One day in 1994, when Anh was in 7th grade, he was inspired to draw a comic book, which resulted in the birth of Mang. A few years later, he started drawing Kidmang (the kid version of Mang).

Mang is a happy-go-lucky guy who was blessed with an extremely positive attitude. Having grown up on the streets as a homeless orphan, Kidmang scraped by with the support of his best friend Rick (the world's smartest dog), a maniacal guardian angel mouse named Little Tweak, and a crew of helpful friends, vagabonds, and hobos. Despite the rampant jankiness surrounding Mang's life, his kind heart and indomitable spirit allow him to face the ups and downs of life with a positive attitude.

Mang's goal is to share his janky life learnings one comic at a time.